Is my man the right one?

Is my man the right one?

1) He said I must have a baby for him first before he’ll marry me.
2) He says if I don’t sleep with him, he’ll leave.
3) I really don’t want to sleep with him but I don’t want someone to ‘snatch’ him from me because I know if I don’t do it, someone else will.
4) I’m tired of taking pills but how else do I ensure I don’t get pregnant?
5) We’ve been together for 8 years and he’s yet to propose. I’m thinking of getting pregnant. Maybe that will make him propose.

My dear friend, if you can relate with any of the sentences above, this post is for you. My explanations below tally with the numbering above.

1) If he said that, then it’s not you he wants. He wants a baby. It’s that simple. Leave.

2) Even if you sleep with him, he’ll still leave. He belongs to the class of ‘immature hormone driven men.’ Again, leave.

3) There will always be other girls who will be willing to sleep with anyone, anywhere. If your man is the type that can easily be ‘snatched,’ then you are in trouble. How many ‘snatchers’ will you fight? How many chains and padlocks will you need to tie him down? 

Bottom line, never worry about other girls. They will always exist. Whether a man is tall, short, dark, fair, slim, chubby, rich, or poor, there will always be girls who’d want him.

The question is, ‘Is he willing to be snatched?’ if yes, then leave. You deserve fidelity. You are entitled to faithfulness.

4) You don’t want to get pregnant? Then stop sleeping with him. It’s that simple. 

Whose body is getting destroyed by the pills? Yours.

Who always has high BP when menstruation is late? You.

Who will ‘suffer’ more if the pills fail? You. 

If you think single motherhood is easy, ask around.

5) A man who doesn’t want to marry you will not marry you. It’s as simple as ABC. Getting pregnant and showing him a scan with quadruplets in your tummy won’t change a thing. You cannot ‘hook’ a man who doesn’t want to be ‘hooked.’

I repeat, you cannot ‘hook’ a man who doesn’t want to be ‘hooked.’


My dear single lady, I share these tips with you because I love you.
God loves you more and He wants you to be happy in your marriage, if you marry.

Please stop opening your legs. 
Lock up. Work. Laugh. Pray. Play.
And open up only when you’ve said your vows.
Remember, you are not married, until you are married.

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To your marital bliss,


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