One reason why your husband cheats.

One reason why your husband cheats.

Note: This is ‘kinda’ long but trust me, you need to read it.

Dear wife,

I learnt your husband has an affinity for every female human. Tall, short, slim, chubby, name it, he is game. I can only imagine your heartache.

Standing? I suggest you grab a chair, let’s analyse this. Assuming you were told that hard, plum, fresh tomatoes are scarce. Let’s assume the ‘gist’ is all around town about how good fresh tomatoes have practically vanished from the face of the earth. Now if you, however, want to make a pot of tomatoe stew, you’ll have no choice but to go scout for some tomatoes right? Yes.

Your mindset here matters a great deal. If you go shopping with the mindset that good tomatoes are scarce, then you wouldn’t put in the effort and time needed to get hard, plum ones. After all, you reason, what’s the point? There are no good ones.

Next? You’ll end up buying the soft and mushy ones. The Holy book has it somewhere that as a man thinketh, so is he. I add, ‘as a man expecteth, so he receiveth.’

Let’s replace the tomatoes with men, shall we? Everyone talks about the ‘scarcity’ of faithful men. You grew up hearing statements like ‘men will always cheat’ and ‘men are polygamous by nature.’ You believed all.

Time to tie the knot came and off you went, into the ‘single and searching’ market. Just like the lady who went shopping expecting not to find good tomatoes, you’ll also expect all men to be ‘randy.’
I don’t blame you. It’s the common ‘gist’ around town.

Next? You’ll get hooked with him who is allergic to fidelity. You will tie the knot with him who is yet to hear the word ‘faithfulness.’
Why? Because you did not stick around in the ‘singles market’ long enough.

Hold on a bit and just as there might be a new delivery of fresh tomatoes, so will that wonderful ‘one-woman’ type of man come your way if you hold on. It doesn’t matter if all your friends have all got their tomatoes and probably started dinner at their homes.

There is no competition with wedding dates and time of conception.
Wouldn’t you rather wait for the good tomatoes, prepare a tasty pot of stew, and have people ask for the recipe than settle for the mushy ones and be saddled with a tasteless pot of stew for as long as the marriage lasts?

Think about this for a while, will you? As a wife, you may consider this post to be medicine after death as you already feel trapped with the bitter and mushy tomatoes. Please do not lose hope.

Do you know that frying with lots of oil, helps in removing the bitter taste? Yes. It helps. So ‘fry’ your marriage with lots of wisdom. ‘Stir in’ a better you. ‘Put in’ lots of patience. ‘Boil’ for long with prayers and I believe the ‘stew’ will turn out well.

Wishing you marital bliss,

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