My husband doesn’t tell me he loves me….

My husband doesn’t tell me he loves me….

He rarely says it… He never calls me from work….. He seldom gives me flowers…….

I read a lot of romance stories in my teen years. By a lot, I mean A LOT. The Mills and Boon series tend to present every man as handsome and sexy. The Harlequin romance sets are no different. The tendency is that every female reader begins to expect the same.

A tall and handsome package.
A man who never fails to open the door for his lady.
A man who always calls from work.
The king who never forgets to get roses for his queen, etc.

Unfortunately, we forget that Mills and Boon is fiction. Same as Harlequin. Real-life is not. Therefore, In real life, please note the following:
1) He may want to call but cannot. There may be work pressure, no network, whatever. Just know these times will exist.
2) He may not use the four-letter word as often. It will be beautiful if he does. If not, please check his actions. Does he show it? How? Does he support you? Does he defend you? Protects you? Advices you? Helps around the house? Makes you a priority?

Then, he loves you. Simple. This life isn’t as hard as we make it. Relationships are ‘doable.’ May we all get closer to God and do the needed audits in our relationships.

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