Leave to Live.

Leave to Live.

……….she died.

Bimbo was a wife and mum of two. Hers was a marriage devoid of joy.

‘She never does anything right,’ he often said. The slaps and kicks came daily and always left her broken.

She no longer shed tears, the tank was empty. She never cried out in pain, the agony in her heart was beyond words. She said he was a different man before the wedding. She said the change was ‘sudden.’

She prayed. She fasted. She hoped.

He came home from work. She served dinner an hour late. ‘How dare you?’ he asked. He kicked and the plates flew in different directions. He pushed her and she fell.

Muttering, he stormed out of the room pushing his two kids who almost stood in his way as they ran to their mum. He came in thirty minutes later.
She was on the same spot, her two daughters beside her. They were 6 and 5 years old. Curiosity more than concern propelled him closer. He had no idea how forceful that push had been. Or maybe he had, but couldn’t care less.

He called, no response. He lifted an arm, it fell on its own. An hour later she was confirmed dead. The death certificate would later bear the date of death as January 8th.

I disagree.

She died years earlier when the abuse started. Death isn’t only when the heart stops. The death of the soul can be worse.

Bimbo started her journey to the grave when the first slap came. January 8th was the day she took the last step. Rest on Sis. Rest on.

The above is fiction but it happens.

My tip to you;

Are you a married woman? Is your life threatened? Please leave while you can. As you pray and hope for a change, do so from a distance. Thankfully, prayers aren’t hindered by location. Leave to live. If he changes for the better, awesome. Otherwise, you’ll be fine. You’ll be just fine.

Are you single? Please be more observant. He wouldn’t change suddenly. The signs are always there. I hope you will use your dating period wisely.

I’m praying for you,


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