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How would you feel if your child always speaks intelligently and confidently, without coming across as rude? Elated, right? 😄 I thought so. Imagine the joy you’d feel if s/he consistently stays ahead of his/her peers, excelling academically and all round.

Well, stop imagining and get a copy of OBIOMA. From it, your child and teen will learn the very habits which moved this young child OBIOMA, from average to excellence.

Nkiru Uzoh 3D Cover

Girls, let's get you married

Are you wondering why your man of many years is yet to pop the question? Do you want to know why you’ve always been *dumped*, despite all your best efforts to make the relationship work?
What makes a man a good *husband material*? Do you have any idea?
Get a copy of Girls, let’s get you married. You’ll find the answers you need within the pages.



It’s no joke that our actions and inactions today can shape our tomorrow. Are you single? Regardless of your gender, trust me, you must read this book.
It contains the one mistake you must avoid at all costs, else, your future will be highly messed up.