Nkiru Uzoh is a wife and mum, two positions she holds very dear. Away from these duties, she is a motivational speaker and a writer. She believes many singles end up in abusive relationships because they do not love themselves enough.

She has spoken and continues to speak at various National and International conferences. She regularly teaches the importance of self love without which it’s impossible to have great human interactions.

Passionate about love and healthy relationships, she guides singles as they journey into beautiful marriages. And to those who remain unmarried by choice and otherwise, she says, ‘You are enough. You do not need a ring or a spouse to complete you. You are enough.’ 

Her eye for details makes her an excellent writer, proofreader, and editor. She writes as beautifully as she speaks. She is a proud author of 3 books; Girls, Let’s Get You Married, Obioma which was longlisted in the NLNG 2019 Literature prize, and Entangled. She currently lives in her home country, Nigeria.