Girls, Let’s Get You Married

How to attract, keep and marry a real man


Do you want to get married?

Do you look at the brides-to-be in bridal showers and pre-wedding photo shoots with a tinge of envy, wondering when yours will be?

Are you looking forward to your wedding day? That day you plan to look absolutely beautiful beside your man?

If you answered yes to the above, that’s awesome.

But then,

1) Do you already have him whose main desire is to make you his wife?

If not, then you need this book.

2) Have you been repeatedly ‘dumped’ and you wonder what it takes to actually keep a man? If yes, you need this book. Trust me.

3) Are you currently in a relationship and he is obviously delaying to propose? Do you wonder why?

No need wondering. The answers lie within these pages.

4) Do you see other ladies surrounded by lots of male admirers while no one ever seems to notice you?

You ask, ‘what must I do to attract my own man?’

Relax, I’ve given you the answers. In this book.

5) Have you heard of any couple who separated months after their wedding? I bet you have. Such stories abound. I know a lady whose marriage lasted only 8 months. Yes, you read right. 8 months!!!!!

And guess what? The wedding had been the talk of the town. Attended by the high and mighty.

‘What caused the breakup?’ you ask.

Your guess is as good as mine. But one thing I know is that the wedding is one thing, marriage is another.

After the glamour of the wedding, comes the real life of marriage.

Are you ready?

Do you want a marriage of forever?

Do you know what is required of you as a wife?

Do you have any idea what is expected of a husband?

Fear not, I’ve given you all the answers. In this book.

6) Are you currently being abused in your relationship? Have you ever been abused by the men who vowed to love you? Do you know why? Do you want to ensure it never happens again?

Then read this book. The answers you seek are right inside.

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