One reason why your husband cheats

Note: This is ‘kinda’ long but trust me, you need to read it.

Dear wife,

I learnt your husband has an affinity for every female human. Tall, short, dark, fair, slim, chubby, name it, he is game.

I can only imagine your heartache. I’m sorry. Truly, I am.


I suggest you grab a chair,

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Her husband beat her to death

Bimbo was a wife and mum of two. Hers was a marriage devoid of joy. ‘She never did anything right,’ so he said. The slaps and kicks came often and always left her broken.

She no longer shed tears. The tank was empty.

She never cried out in pain. The agony in her heart was beyond words.

She said he was a different man before the wedding.

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She left this world 8 years ago. She had been at the salon when her friend called, saying her husband was seen holding a woman and going inside a hotel.

All she needed was the name of the hotel and boom!!!!! she ‘flew’ out the door.

The unfinished hairdo was the last thing on her mind.

‘I must catch him red handed.’
‘So is this how he wants it?

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A hard worker is one who is industrious and diligent in carrying out tasks or duties. It could simply be defined as someone who works as hard as a slave. Now this definition may seem rather crude but the truth most times isn’t fair. Why the comparism of a hard worker with a slave? Simple. They are both conscientious, assiduous, dedicated, diligent and persevering in work.

A smart worker is the result producer.

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I recently came across a quote by William Shakespeare which says, ‘Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.’
It really got me thinking about a lot of things. Fear, doubts, negativity, you name it. I believe these are some of the factors which contribute to lots of dreams ending up in the grave, unaccomplished and unrealized. Positivity cannot reside alongside fear or doubt.

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Have you ever had lunch with a ‘friend’ who talked from the time he or she sat down till lunch was over? Do you have a colleague who barely stops talking just for you to be able to chip in a greeting and off they go again? Talking, Talking and Talking.

Did you notice the enclosure of the word ‘friend’ above? This is simply to highlight that one who only wants to hear his/her own voice can never be a true friend.

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Do we all remember the above track which was used in the movie ‘problem child?’ That was a little girl’s way of reacting to life’s painful jolts. It is easy to whine and moan when things do not go according to plan. It is also easy to blame another after all it’s always someone else’s fault. We will come back to this movie which i believe has a lot to teach.

Let’s talk about it.

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We all agree from the part 1 of this post that the sea of life may occasionally become way too turbulent for us. But remember, there are always life lines right? Life jackets are not worn in the heat of danger are they? No, they are worn in preparation for the possible worst, which may or may not happen. So always put on your life jacket, be on your guard and stand ready against the jolts which may or may not come.

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I was just recently in a workshop where the facilitator urged us to fight for relevance. It struck me and I couldn’t help pondering on the truth of those words.

The Concise Oxford English Dictionary defines fight as ‘struggle to overcome, eliminate or prevent’. It was also defined as ‘trying very hard to achieve something’. When we really think about it, life is about competition. It is a struggle. It may be very clear for instance in the selection of the best candidate for a promotion or competing to emerge tops in an examination.

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OK so you have a 3 year old son who pees on himself? You make sure he never forgets it. You remind him daily that you got potty trained at 2 months!!!
Now he is 6 years old. School year end was yesterday and he didn’t get a prize in any subject. No award whatsoever. You shout, you rave, you spank. For crying out loud!!! Why can’t he ever do anything right? He couldn’t even get the best behaved boy award.

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