Relevant Awards

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Geology. Was way up there in class and graduated with a second class honours degree, upper division.

Phew!!!!!! to think that I never practiced as a Geologist after all those

years. Oh well,  it happens! I hold a professional diploma in Human

Resource Management and I’m an Associate Member of the

Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria. I’m a

certified and accredited Management Trainer and Consultant.

Human Resource Management? That I love. Writing, Speaking and

Training? I’m head over heels.

Whatever took me to  Geology?


Hello. Hello. Hello.
It’s so good to meet you. I’m Nkiru Uzoh, a Nigerian, born and bred. My growing up years were awesome. There were lots of fun and laughter in the family. My mom and dad gave us their best and it sure was good enough. I’m married to the world’s best man (definitely not perfect, but close) and together we have four adorable children. Think marriage and motherhood is easy? Think again. Lots of hard work but worth every second.