………and that was exactly how she died

She left this world 8 years ago. She had been at the salon when her friend called, saying her husband was seen holding a woman and going inside a hotel.

All she needed was the name of the hotel and boom!!!!! she ‘flew’ out the door.

The unfinished hairdo was the last thing on her mind.

‘I must catch him red handed.’
‘So is this how he wants it? No problem.’
‘What does she have that I dont?’

I wasn’t in her mind but I’m almost certain those were the kind of thoughts going through.

Did she drive recklessly? I don’t know.

Was she swearing and cursing all the way to the hotel? I cannot say.

She got there safe and sound.


as she ran inside, she slipped, fell and hit her head.


The high heels, floor tiles and her rocket speed all connived to send her ‘yonder.’

Doctors said she would have been a ‘vegetable,’ if she had survived the head injury.

My tip to you

1) If you hope to change your cheating spouse, always running after him or checking his phones will not help.

2) He will change only when he realises it’s a problem that he doesn’t want any longer.

3) I know you love him and the kids need him, so packing up and heading out may not be an option. That’s OK. As long as your life and health are not endangered, please stay.

4) In the meantime, work on a better version of you. And pray, pray, pray. You will achieve more with God and a ‘renewed you,’ than all the phone checking you want to do.

5) Never act hastily. She may still be here if she hadn’t rushed into action after that phone call.

6) Choose your friends wisely. A good and wise friend may have a better way and time of sharing this type of information. It’s possible this phone call was preceded by mockery and not concern. Please know your friends.

7) Finally, love comes with trust. If you want to live long and happy, you need to give some people the benefit of a doubt.

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