Have you ever had lunch with a ‘friend’ who talked from the time he or she sat down till lunch was over? Do you have a colleague who barely stops talking just for you to be able to chip in a greeting and off they go again? Talking, Talking and Talking.

Did you notice the enclosure of the word ‘friend’ above? This is simply to highlight that one who only wants to hear his/her own voice can never be a true friend. Oh oh, did she just say that? Yes i did and i will say it again. The talkative fellow is a naturally selfish individual and thus cannot be a good friend. Now please don’t get me wrong. There is a huge difference between the fluent, eloquent speaker and the loud mouth, chattering lad who simply likes the sound of his own voice.

What does the fluent, eloquent and people oriented speaker have that the loud mouth talkative lacks?

Answer = Listening skills.

The people oriented speaker realizes that communication is much more effective when it’s give and take. He is not selfish at heart. He makes it obvious that your opinion matters too. Now who can resist such a person?

The talkative on the other hand who spends all the time inflating his ego, believes he is the only one on planet earth. Believe me, such people rarely have any positive impact to make in your life.

So when next you want to monopolize a conversation and not give your partner so much as a sentence space, always remember the message you are passing across. You are saying ‘I am selfish’. Wasn’t it the great book that said ‘out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.’ We also know that a word spoken was first conceived. Therefore, out of a selfish heart will flow highly egotistical, selfish uninterrupted words.

Please make a positive difference wherever you find yourself. You can start by learning how to listen. Listening speaks volumes.

Have a fulfilled week.

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