I was just recently in a workshop where the facilitator urged us to fight for relevance. It struck me and I couldn’t help pondering on the truth of those words.

The Concise Oxford English Dictionary defines fight as ‘struggle to overcome, eliminate or prevent’. It was also defined as ‘trying very hard to achieve something’. When we really think about it, life is about competition. It is a struggle. It may be very clear for instance in the selection of the best candidate for a promotion or competing to emerge tops in an examination. It may however not be so pronounced for example, we all are competing for the very air we breathe. The fact remains that competition is a part of life. It is the force which propels us into action.

Let us briefly go back to science. Inertia is defined in physics as a property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless changed by an external force. For the purpose of this write up, can we then describe this external force as Competition? I think so. Competition is the force which propels us into action. It is the force which ensures that we do not remain in our state of Inertia. It gently but definitely gives us the push needed to emerge tops in our chosen field.

The question then is ‘are you aware of this competition?’ Do you realise that there are a thousand and one people who possess your skills and even more. What is your field of speciality? How good are you in what you do? Two Mondays ago, I urged you to Stand Out and be exceptional. Last Monday it was all about letting go of previous negativity and choosing to see yourself in a positive light.

Today, I want you to fight for relevance. I need you to continuously and consistently struggle to make a difference. I need you to realise that the world will not stand still nor will it wait for you. There are people making impacts on a daily basis in their chosen fields and professions. Be part of this competition. Be part of this fight. If you need to study more, then by all means do so. Plan, Strategise, Read, Study, do whatever you have to do.

Fight for relevance.

Have a great week.

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